Best Practices Guide: Converting to a Distance Learning Format

This blog post provides best practices guide for trainers to help them in converting their face-to-face training to a hybrid model. The example given is based on the following scenario:

A training manager is planning to convert all current training modules to a blended learning environment. The trainer’s decisions is based the frustration with the quality of communication among trainees in his face-to-face training sessions. The trainer gets his supervisor’s approval and hopes that converting to the blended environment will enhance student engagement through active participation and interactions. The trainer would like to put the course content on the Web, so learners could access the content at all times.

The guide provides best practices in the following areas:

  • Facilitating communication and learning
  • Pre-planning strategies
  • Converting the content
  • The trainer’s new role

A successful online or hybrid course should incorporate teaching strategies that enhance learner-learner interactions, learner-content interactions and learner-instructor interactions (Dashew & Lee, 2011). This guide will help trainers in planning and preparing materials for electronic delivery. In addition, the guide will explain the role of a distance educator, and provide best practices in enhancing student engagement through the effective use of various communication strategies.

View The complete trainer guide (PDF Format).


Dashaw, B., & Lee, R. (2011). Designed learner interactions in blended course delivery. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks. 15(1), 68-76.

[Untitled image for a hand and a digital hand representing hybrid courses]. Retrieved October 20, 2012 from


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