Discussion Post on Characteristics of Effective Feedback in Groups

The purpose of this discussion is to analyze feedback given and recommend best practices that could support students in giving effective feedback.

Online learning communities provide an opportunity for students to exchange ideas, work collaboratively on authentic assignments and experience various roles in a team setting. To ensure effective collaboration instructors need to provide guidance, training and support for students. Additionally, by learning together in a community, students receive and provide constructive and critical feedback (Palloff & Pratt, 2007).

For this week discussion, read chapter 8 on “promoting collaborative learning” from this week’s resources (note: use your Walden ID and password to access the resource).

Reflect on your experience as a student in the MSIDT program at Walden; based on your experience and from this week resource answer the following two questions by Friday:

  1. How could instructors promote effective feedback among students in groups?
  2. Think about the feedback you provided to your peers in last week’s discussion, what would you have changed/added in your feedback? Provide a rationale for your answer.

Support your answers from this week resource and your own experience.


This is a required and graded activity. The delay in your response will hinder the discussion of the group so try to post on time; you need to post your initial response and feedback by the indicated dates. A complete rubric is available to guide you answers; read the criteria carefully and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to reading your posts.

View Rubric for Evaluation


Palloff, R., & Pratt, K. (2007). Building online communities: Effective strategies for the virtual classroom. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.